Dr. Arindam Majumdar

M.B.B.S., M.S. (Gynecologist & Obstetrician)

Reg. No. 64861 (WBMC)
Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician
Formerly Senior Resident NRS Medical College & Hospital
Fellowship in IVF World Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi.

Routine Antenatal Care

When should I start antenatal clinic?

The earlier you start attending antenatal check-ups the better. You should then attend antenatal check-ups once a month until 28 weeks, then twice a month until you are 36 weeks pregnant. During the last 4 weeks of your pregnancy you should go every week.

How many antenatal visits are required?

Generally, you will have approximately 8-10 antenatal appointments with your doctor or midwife during your pregnancy. You may visit your GP, antenatal clinic or midwife monthly until 32 weeks, fortnightly after that and you may have weekly visits in the last month.

How is antenatal screening done?

Your doctor or midwife will offer you a blood test to measure the haemoglobin in your blood. This test is usually done at your first antenatal visit. Your doctor or midwife may also repeat this test later in your pregnancy (around 28 to 30 weeks).

What does antenatal care include?

Antenatal care includes several check-ups, tests and scans, some of which are offered to women as a normal part of antenatal care in Australia. Learn more here. Your doctor, or GP, is likely to be the first health professional you see when you become pregnant, and may help with your antenatal care.

Is antenatal care important?

Good antenatal care includes regular screening which can detect and prevent early complications such as hypertension and pregnancy diabetes; both of which can dramatically affect the foetus. Early detection means regular monitoring and treatment.

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